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Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Could 24-28:


Harold M. Hyde Jr. and Patricia A. Hyde to Joshua J. Franks and Marissa L. Franks, 595 Johnson Plank, $430,000

Summer season M. DeMathews to Kathleen Coburn, 3122 Ivy Hill Circle Unit D, $65,000

Kenneth J. Stablein and Candra B. Stablein to Patrick S. Carlin and Amy R. Carlin, 2455 Cadwallader Sonk, $329,000

Jane E. Whitely to Kayla Keefner, 2792 Ivy Hill Circle Unit A, $70,000

Mary E. Romesberg to Elizabeth A. Smith, 3159 Ivy Hill Circle Unit B, $53,600


Elmer L. and Betty Ann Small to Kaylynn Shaffer, 4959 Oviatt Windham, $75,000


Linda Helmick and Cory Helmick to Shawn D. Groat, 7500 Fenton, $280,000


Bethany L. Bowser to Timothy P. Adkins and Meghan A. Curran, 1638 Custer Orangeville, $250,000

William R. Allen and Shari R. Allen to Eric D. Altman and Michayla Okay. Altman, 7180 Lee, $287,000


John B. Benigas to Nicole L. Jarome, 4419 Kincaid, $139,000


Robert M. Platt Jr. and Susan Platt to Andrew Pitts and Monica Pitts, 332 Previous Oak, $195,000

Robert Freeman to Brandon C. Freeman, 375 Russell Ave., $30,000

Joseph Stanley Michaleski to Wendy R. Myers and David R. Meyers, 726 Lakeview Drive, $65,000

Virginia L. Weeks to Mark R. Shaffer and Shari L. Shaffer, 164 Winter Lane, $186,500

Bryan Smith and Erin C. Glaab to Ryan H. Fraelich and Danielle Fraelich, 254 Whitetail Run, $267,500


KM Contracting of Ohio Inc to Financial system Self Storage LLC, 2183 state Route 193, $500,000

Michael J. Chizmar Sr. to Financial system Self Storage LLC, King Graves, $210,000

Gary L. Kozelski and Marilyn A. Koelski to Gary E. Shells and Tammy Shells, 2706 Sodom Hutchings, $311,000


Shawn R. Hannah and Jaime E. Hannah to Ralph E. Roth III and Robin E. Roth, 733 Churchill, $93,900

James W. Schumm to Barbara Keeler, 514 Joan, $125,000

Shear Enterprise Corp to Tamara Sanders, 1131 Washington, $47,000

Samuel Martuccio and Nick Martuccio to Christina Stein, 615 Washington, $45,000

John Matthews to Kathleen Kinney and David Milarcik, 28 Metal, $37,000

Pekovaric Land Firm LLC to Karen J. Cessna, 545 Churchill, $74,342


DK Land LLC to Aryan Actual Property LLC, 8430 state Route 305, $200,000


Brenda J. Perks to Christopher M. Polcha, 1380 Bittersweet, $225,000

Amos Monetary LLC to Robin Allen, 2058 Weir, $23,000

Shari A. Martin to John N. Perchak, 2128 Celestial Drive, $303,000

Arthur Nicholas Bain to Alfred W. Wevers IV, 8127 Anderson, $54,000

Robert W. Shroder and Kathryn R. Shroder to Albert Valentine Lupenski III and Kathryn Elaine Lupenski, 9325 Bay Hill, $400,000

Howard Portzer to Sandra Dee Zajackowski, 660 Rosegarden, $70,500

David A. Adams and Margaret Okay. Adams to David A. Adams and Margaret Okay. Adams, 8974 Howland Springs, $129,900

Karen G. Gates to William Meinke, 3060 North River Unit K14, $29,900

Orchards of Howland LLC to Billie Jean Lewis and Martin Lewis, 3409 Orchard Court docket, $120,000

Ricky A. Kendall to Morgan M. McAllister, 1211 Summerfield Lane, $115,000

THG Actual Property Inc to KAP Leasing LTD, 8902 East Market, $91,000


Connie J. Gilligan to Roy F. Fabian Jr., 3393 Highland, $53,000

Geraldine L. Palumbo to Charles D. Johnson IV, 153 Church, $71,500

Marianne Ameen to ACA LLC, 425 Fifth, $300,000

Beth Ann Baldine to Edward A. Pompili and Kathleen G. Ciale, 523 Parkview, $170,000

Barbara A. Parm to Richard C. Jewell and Brenda L. Jewell, 6441 Trumbull, $55,000

Thomas J. Inexperienced to David W. Pringle, 3411 Franklin, $122,000

Scott J. Jimison and Danielle L. Jimison to Corey M. Ward and Tiffany B. Ward, 135 Clingan, $90,000

Margaret E. Delaney to Lynda Hudson, 1618 Cullinan, $67,000


Darrell R. Wallace to Brooks Farris and Marissa McIntyre, 4650 Logan Gate, $213,500

Richard J. Sebastian and Brian L. Sebastian to Brian L. Sebastian, 389 Ventura, $75,000

US Financial institution Nationwide Affiliation to James M. Dunham II, 4700 Logan Gate, $105,800

Victoria L. Romo and John P. Romo to Muhanad N. Shihadeh, 618 Murray Hill, $145,000

Sharon P. Blumental to Gregory J. Younger and Lindsey Younger, 424 Arbor Circle, $205,000

Richard R. Mack Jr. and R. Darlene Mack to Donald Zarbaugh and Michelle Zarbaugh, Powers, $230,000


Dana L. Smith and Naomi L. Smith to Kyle Durig and Angela L. Durig, 5188 Palmyra, $145,000

Ginger Macali to Kenneth Duane Iser Jr., 6089 Highland, $115,000

Amanda Okay. Neidhart and Ian Howard to Catherine S. Howard, 1956 Chester, $160,000

Jerome Lewis and Tammy Lewis to Ian Howard and Amanda Neidhart, 6975 Highland, $245,000

Andrzej Waksmundzki and Irena Waksmundzki to Christopher M. Burton and Stephanie Lynn Moliterno, 6510 Woodridge Method, $304,900

Joshua E. Smith to Melissa S. Tkach, 1250 Carson Salt Springs, $172,000

Elliott S. Bort and Bonnie L. Bort to Jose Rodriguez, 907 Ellsworth Bailey, $177,000


Edward Sturbaum and Elaine C. Sturbaum to Elizabeth A. Rogers and Alexander M. Manufacturers, 1025 Iowa, $174,000

Kathrine C. Dodd to Tiffany N. Platek, 233 Grant Ave., $93,500


Greg Sampson to Joseph R. Bergin and Katie Bergin, 5559 Lakeview, $225,000

Tanya L. Perry to Joshua Anglin and Tara Anglin, 7119 Hoagland Blackstub, $200,000


Claire L. Hickman to Peggy E. Collins and Robert E. Collins, 35 W. Eighth, $162,000

Stephen Wayne Cozart to Robert T. Vivid, 330 Morrison, $136,000

Patricia A. Howard and Cynthia R. Jarvis to Garry James Greathouse, 1700 Kale Adams, $35,000

Sherron Lou Platt to Brooks Artinger, 4468 Lyntz Townline, $219,000

Alma M. Griffith to Thomas D. Griffith, 129 Heart, $115,000

John J. Kulesza to Nathanael Ray Douglass and Lindsay Douglass, 516 W. Broad, $195,000

Kolovich Enterprises LLC to Michael McCabe, 315 Superior, $61,800

E E Realty LLC to CJA Heating and Air Conditioning LLC, 26 South Canal, $125,000


Ohio Surplus Inc to Roxanne Marie Johnson, 989 Vienna, $55,200

Phuloc Xuong Lengthy LLC to Samantha A. Torrence and Thomas A. Torrence, 1041 Mason, $30,000

Melissa A. Disario to Dennis G. Wilson, 1768 Carnegie, $144,000

Karen S. Ravotti to Auntashae N.Tates and Terrance A. Warren, 130 Orchard, $43,000

Gary L. Sales space Jr. and Carissa Simmons to Eric J. Ferro and Kris J. Ferro, 64 Potomac, $160,000

Barbara S. Thomas and Barbara Thomas to Michael Eaken, 549 Iowa, $57,900

Loraine Hafner to Michael J. Pezzano, 1476 Niles Vienna, $210,000

William Frenchko to Bobba Tea Inc, 7713 Glen Oaks, $225,000

CHS Property Administration LLC to Chastity R. Seawright, 117 Washington, $153,000

Ann M. Gadd to Zachary Miller, 130 Blossom, $128,000


Charles L. Meigs and Carol A. Nicula to Southwind Property Options LLC, state Route 305, $75,000


Eric S. Greathouse and Adrienne M. Isner to Ronald H. Hunt and Deborah Hunt, 6087 Orangeville Kinsman, $55,000


Daybreak M. Cyhan to Rowell Rodriguez, 331 Laird, $53,500

Yoho’s Motion Septic Tank to Alexis Arroyo, 106 Meadowbrook, $85,000

William E. Gedeon and Karen L. Lohr to Karen L. Lohr, 403 Willowbrook Drive, $120,000

Audrey L. Bynum and Deborah L. Bynum to Sarah E. Moell, 624 Mahoning, $73,200

Giuseppe Falcone to Carly A. Simms, 1006 Willard, $68,000

Vincent M. Cetrone to Robin M. Hornak, 177 Kenmore, $76,000

Gary W. Bell to Dustin A. Bell and Leeann Marie Bell, 996 Hazelwood, $35,000

Christopher J. Brightwell to Antwon Slocum and Latescha McRae, 1214 Willard, $50,000

Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership to Christina Anne Brady, 627 Fairfield, $38,000

Thaddeus D. McGuire Renee M. Macali Palmer, 361 Hawthorne, $300,000

Lawrence F. Johnson to Kristi Ann Cornicello, 1016 Willard, $44,000


Cynthia Powell Seifert and Sheri Lynn Powell to Richard Powell and Lois Gardner, 1230 Owsley North, $180,000

Terry A. Henry to Victoria L. Mosko, 3645 Ashland, $100,000

Richard Moore to Camille Myers and Colin Morris, 1188 DeForest, $129,900

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